Work Packages

In order to accomplish with these objectives, KNOWPEC is organized in 6 work packages. WPs 1 to 4 represent targeted and interconnected actions tasks which include the key objectives of the project (see Figure 1).

Objectives involved in KNOWPEC WP 1 to 4

WP 1 is devoted to developing and validate the analytical procedures to characterize pesticides active ingredients and major metabolites.  Moreover, it also wants to characterize and assess the pesticide pollution levels in water samples from natural water bodies and drinking water supplies, from the three American countries: Argentina, Bolivia and Costa Rica.  This discipline is coordinated by the DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY OF THRACE (DUTH).  WP 2 is dedicated to conduct ecological risk assessment for pesticides polluted sites combination identified in WP 1. The UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN (UCPH) coordinates this discipline.  Research work in the frame of WP 3 is studying and developing light assisted remediation processes for pesticides polluted water bodies. This discipline is coordinated by the UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA (UB). WP 4 aggregates the knowledge and results obtained in the three previous research WPs and it is devoted to the proposal of pollution mitigation strategies, in each American country participating in the project (WP4: Cases of study: Analyse data and propose solutions).  This WP is coordinated by FERA. These activities are complemented by WP 5 and 6, which are focused to an efficient dissemination and proper management activities (see Figure 2). The third country participant are: University of Buenos Aires (UBA), University of Costa Rica (UCR) and Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS) in Bolivia.


Interactions between work packages