Taller internacional “Uso, manejo y regulación de plaguicidas en Costa Rica: una perspectiva integral”

The First International Workshop: “Use, management and regulations of pesticides in Costa Rica: an integral perspective, within the framework of the Project: Knowledge for Pesticides Control (KNOWPEC), H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015; nº 690618”, was held at The University of Costa Rica, from 6th to 17th February 2017. Dr. Carmen Sans, Dr. Carmel Ranwell, and Dr. Zisis Vryzas participated in the workshop, during their ER secondment.   It was a pesticide multidisciplinary workshop program, where about 14 different specialists in management, control, risks assessment and treatment of pesticides from Latin America and EU countries participated, and it had more than 40 attendees.  Mercedes Alvarez, project coordinator from UMSS was also participating in the workshop. Thus, local and national authorities, university researchers and representatives from international and local pesticide Companies discussed important topics related to pesticides like: monitoring, registration, risk assessment and risk management, MRLs, residues in food and environment, use, plant protection and pesticide efficacy (acaricides, fungicides, herbicides), retail and wholesale market, generic pesticides, remediation techniques (photochemical, bioremediation, sorption, triple wash) and occupational health.

There were also organized field trips to two regions with completely different profiles (landscape, crops, farmers, and use of pesticide) and meetings with people involved in crop production, application of pesticide, post-harvest treatments, processing and trade.  This allowed a proper understanding of agricultural practices followed in Costa Rica. Moreover, several parallel activities were organised and completed, like the diffusion of the project objectives and the workshop via public media (radio and TV).

Further information about the workshop at:

Portal de la investigación, UCR: https://vinv.ucr.ac.cr/es/noticias/realizan-taller-internacional-sobre-uso-de-plaguicidas-en-costa-rica

Web page of UCR: https://www.ucr.ac.cr/actividades/2017/02/06/taller-internacional-uso-manejo-y-regulacion-de-plaguicidas-en-costa-rica-una-perspectiva-integral.html

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Uso, manejo y regulación de plaguicidas en Costa Rica: una perspectiva integral, en el marco del proyecto “Knowledge for Pesticides Control”.