Other dissemination activities

13/02/2017. Interview during the workshop. Canal UCR


Short interviews to EU participants (Dr. Carmen Sans, Dr. Zysis Vryzas and Dr. Carmel Ranwell) and to Dr. Carlos Rodríguez. They asked short questions about KNOWPEC project, as well as our research specialties, and the activities developed during the workshop.

The programme was emitted at national level the 14th of February, 2017 and it can be seen in Facebook.

10, 16-217/02/2017. Field trips to Tierra Blanca (Cartago) and San Carlos

In Cartago we visited an onion farm and spoke with the farmer and 2 agronomist from farmers’ groups.  We also saw the pilot biobed that is going to established there.

In San Carlos we met with small, medium and large producers of pineapples. We interviewed local farmers and farmers’ cooperative.

Important technical data relating to pesticide usage, application practices, soil conditions, cropping practices etc were obtained from these interviews.


04/08/2017. Interview at CICA.

Interview at CICA with journalist César A. Parral, of Vicerrectoría de Investigación (Research vice-rector’s office), of UCR. This interview was related to the objectives and methodology of the project, and the topic of pesticides control.

The journalistic note was published at “Portal de la Investigación” on 10/08/2017: https://vinv.ucr.ac.cr/es/noticias/proyecto-internacional-busca-reducir-contaminacion-por-plaguicidas   

07/08/2017. Interview at CICA.

Journalist Patricia Blanco of Oficina de Divulgación e Información (Office of Divulgation and Information –ODI-) of UCR interviewed Dr. Carmen Sans, about the project. She also received information related to the internship in Greece of Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, MSc. Greivin Pérez and Licda. Marta Pérez, researchers of CICA.

The journalistic note was published at the University of Costa Rica official website on 18/08/2017: https://www.ucr.ac.cr/noticias/2017/08/18/costa-rica-y-grecia-intercambian-conocimiento-sobre-el-manejo-de-plaguicidas.html

08/08/2017. TV program ConCiencia.  Canal 15. UCR

Recording of: Programa Conciencia Canal 15

Place: Canal 15 (Channel 15)

Emitted: Canal 15 UCR and Youtube Channel of the program.

Short program, of 30 minutes of duration. We discussed general concerns like the use of pesticides and their occurrence in the environment. The KNOWPEC project was also presented by Dr. Carmen Sans and Dr. Carlos Rodriguez.

Links to the websites of the program:






24/08/2017. Vicerectoría de Investigación, UCR / RADIO UCR

Name of the section:  En la Academia

Recorded the 24th August 2017

Journalist: Carolina Carazo                                                     

Emitted: 31th August 2017

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez and Dr. Carmen Sans talked about water pollution and treatment, pesticides and also about KNOWPEC project.  

The interview was recorded. It lasted 30 minutes and was broadcast nationally on the 31th of August.

Link to the website of the program:



11/08/2017. Conference, Auditorio de Microbiologia, University of Costa Rica.

Conference by Project coordinator: Dr. Carmen Sans.

Title: “Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water Reuse”

Conference and diffusion of KNOWPEC project

22/02/2018. Facultad de Veterinaria, UBA / Infovet RADIO

Program: Infovet radio

Recorded: 22th February 2018

Journalist: XXX

Emitted: 23th March 2018

Dr. Alicia Fernández and Dr. Carmen Sans talked about pesticides application in Argentina, related concerns.  The objectives of KNOWPEC project were also described.

The interview was recorded. It lasted 30 minutes and was emitted the 23th March 2018.

Link to the website of the program: http://www.fvet.uba.ar/?q=publicacion 

26/02/2018. Visit to plantation Los Patricios, San Pedro

Interview with agrotechnical specialists in soya plantation.

12/07/2018. Conference. Auditorio de la Facultad de Agronomía, University of Buenos Aires.

Conference by Dr. Carmen Sans, coordinator of KNOWPEC Project, entitled: Application of advanced oxidation processes for pesticides removal from Waters.

Conference included the diffusion activities of KNOWPEC Project.

KNOWPEC diffusion at IUPAC

Summary about KNOWPEC objectives and activities was included at the webpage of IUPAC 2019 International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry. Moreover, a newsletter of KNOWPEC activities has been forwarded through IUPAC newsletter (April 2018) to more than 5300 crop protection scientists and pesticide experts.