International Meeting. Pesticides in Argentina: Use, occurrence, environmental fate and degradation

The Second International Workshop: “Pesticides in Argentina:  Use, occurrence, environmental fate and degradation” within the framework of the Project: Knowledge for Pesticides Control (KNOWPEC), H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015; nº 690618”, was held at The University of Buenos Aires, from 19th to 27th February 2018. Dr. Carmen Sans (UB), Dr. Carmel Ranwell (Fera), Dr. Zisis Vryzas (DUTH) and Laia Herrero (UCPH) participated in the workshop, during their secondment.   Mercedes Alvarez, project coordinator from UMSS and Greivin Rojas, from CICA (University of Costa Rica) were also participating in the workshop. Again, the workshop included a pesticide multidisciplinary program, where about 15 different specialists in management, control, risks assessment and treatment of pesticides from Argentina and EU countries participated, and it had more than 60 attendees, from different parts of Argentina.

Argentina is ranked tenth in the world, according to the area under cultivation.  Soybean is the crop accounting for the highest percentage of the pesticide market in Argentina. In concert with the increase of soy production, the consumption of pesticides has multiplied by 3 in the last 10 years.  Thus, the use of pesticides and the consequent effects are one of the major concerns for the society in Argentina.  In parallel, the numerous professionals involved with the use and control of pesticides (academics, researchers, legislators, environment protectors, etc.) declared the workshop a great success in terms of the usefulness of the documents used in the workshop (and shared among participants), and the many new contacts established among professionals from EU and Argentina during the workshop.

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“Pesticides in Argentina:  Use, occurrence, environmental fate and degradation”