International congresses platforms and posters materials


6th Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop, May 2017, San José de Costa Rica:(
  • Oral presentation “Pesticide prioritization approaches and limitations in environmental monitoring studies” by Zisis Vryzas and Carmel Ramwell. Presented on 17th of May 2017, San Jose Costa Rica
  • Poster “Pesticides in Costa Rica: European Perception vs Practices – Knowledge for Pesticides Control KNOWPEC” by Carlos E. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Greivin Pérez, Marta Pérez-Villanueva, Mario Masis-Mora, Carmen Sans, Carmel Ramwell, Nina Cedergreen, Mercedes Alvarez, Alicia Fernández Cirelli, Zisis Vryzas and Elizabeth Carazo Rojas. Presented on 15th of May 2017, San Jose Costa Rica.
  • Round Table “Risk Analysis and Regulation for Human Health and Environment Focused on Pesticide Residue and Other Emerging Compounds”. Participation in the round table 2 (17th of May 2017, San Jose Costa Rica) with other 7 experts and 2 moderators (Keith Solomon, University of Guelph, Canada and Angela Klemens, DuPont Crop Protection, United States).
SETAC Europe 28th annual meeting, Rome June 2017  (
  • Poster: “Environmental and Human Cummulative Risk Assessment of Pesticides Using Local Monitoring Data: A Case Study from the Pucara River Basin, Bolivia” By Laia Herrero, Mercedes Alvarez and Nina Cedergreen

18th European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry (EMEC18), Porto (Portugal), November 2017                        (

  • Oral presentation “Effect of sunlight and UV-C disinfection irradiation dose on the degradation of organophosphorus pesticide Dichlorvos” by Nahuel Bustos, Alberto Cruz-Alcalde, Analía Iriel, Alicia Fernández Cirelli, Carmen Sans. November 2017, Porto (Portugal). Book of Abstracts 18th EMEC.
FVET-UBA Ciclo de Agua en Agroecosistemas. Buenos Aires (Argentina) November  2018                                                                                     (
  • Abstract submitted Fotodegradación de diclorvós en ambientes acuáticos naturales” Nahuel J. Bustos, Alberto Cruz-Alcalde, Analía Iriel, Alicia Fernández Cirelli, Carmen Sans.
  • Abstract submitted “Determinación de los herbicidas Atrazina, Metolachlor y Terbuthylazine en aguas subterraneas del norte de Grecia”.  Soledad Rodríguez, Alicia Fernandez Cirelli, Zysis Vryzas
International Agricultural, Biological and Life Science Conference, Edirne, Turkey, September, 2018. (
  • Abstract submitted “Determination of the Herbicides Atrazine, Metolachlor and Terbuthylazine in groundwater of Northern Greece”